Need names suggestions for my baby girl thinking maybe Caroline or Melanie what does everyone think? I would love to hear more suggestions too thank you loves ❤ she's a quarter Chinese, Italian, Spanish and a much of other stuff because of me 🤰🏼
By: BabyNamesUser
Member since Sep 17, 2015
Posted: on Mar 17, 2017
Caroline rose or Melanie rose or Melanie Rosemarie
My name is Olivia rose and her father is Matthew Lawrence and last name will be Chin
By: BabyNamesUser
Member since Sep 23, 2016
Posted: on Mar 19, 2017
Have you considered Coraline? It's a little different and can be shortened to Cora for a nick name. That'd be pretty.
By: BabyNamesUser
Member since May 21, 2015
Posted: on Mar 19, 2017
She looks like a Caroline. 💗
By: BabyNamesUser
Member since Feb 08, 2017
Posted: about 1 month ago

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